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Five days - Cinque giorni

Lately I don't know if I would feel proud or ashamed (sort of hehe...)
Proud because I can produce much of my girls' wardrobe and it is beautiful (blink!). I mean, it is good looking and it really works for us.
Ashamed because it looks to others pretentious and like one who just sits down and sews for her girls.
Well, I'd love it would be that way, like getting up in the morning, taking a long breakfast, get an even longer shower, spending some self mirror contemplation time, getting dressed: slowly... and then, just come over, sit at your sewing space and here you go, you sew all day long.
It's not like that indeed. Sadly. It's more like a messy puzzle with missing pieces where I look for all the pieces frantically and then I try to put all them together even beyond midnight.
Ultimamente potrei sentirmi molto orgogliosa oppure soffrire di vergogna (un po', neanche tantissimo hehe...)
Orgogliosa perché (al momento) posso produrre una gran parte dell'abbigliam…

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